A tale of work, fatigue, and distractions. I've been MIA on LJ for about a year, except for the occasional "still breathing" posts and the auto-posts from my near-dormant Twitter account. Mostly, I've been hanging out on Facebook. So, yes, I'm still breathing. I'm just fatigued. In March 2011 (the point at which I nearly disappeared from LJ and my art blog), I accepted a job as a software tester and technical writer at a…

Fri, 19:26: #FF writers to read: @daytonward @Cadigan @scottedelman @eugiefoster @ArdwelWriter @scalzi @MH_Bonham @klingonguy @petrini1 Fri, 19:27: #FF bloggers to read: @fireflylive @KansasTravel Fri, 23:39: After watching two chick flicks back to back this evening, it’s time for a little “Con Air”. Put the bunneh back in the box!

My Little Birdie Said... Detail of Art by Allison Stein 2020

Mon, 19:25: Give Yard Dog Press some love, ya’ll. Buy a book or two as a gift or for yourself with the Xmas money you’re gonna get. http://ow.ly/3si8j Mon, 22:09: RT @neiltyson: December’s Full Moon–a Monday evening sight–crosses high in the sky, casting a soft gentle glaze upon a cold winter’s night Mon, 22:11: RT @neiltyson: Total Lunar Eclipse: The longest, slowest, most boring of celestial spectacles.