A quickie update…

 A quickie update and ad hoc to-do list…

  • Saw “Hellboy II” and “The Dark Knight Returns” this past weekend; thumbs up on both. Especially enjoyed “Hellboy” for the visuals; Del Toro is one crazy dude.
  • Caught all three acts of Whedon’s “Dr. Horrible”. Fun fun fun!
  • My new boss started this week; work is very busy.
  • Getting ready for Conestoga this weekend; need to select art to hang in the show and comply with (excessively OCD) paperwork and labeling requirements.
  • Need to scrounge up a costume for the Merlene Show.
  • Mom gets her knee replaced on Friday (same day I leave for Conestoga); need to locate a florist in Weston WV.
  • Gas was only $3.89 yesterday when I filled the tank. Yay.



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