A Very “Special” Xmas…

On Monday morning, I was running late and needed caffeine, so I stopped at Panera Bread for one of their very addictive pumpkin spice lattes. (Okay, I needed caffeine AND sugar.) As I walked from the car to the door, two SUVs pulled up and disgorged a dozen cheerleaders. They were cute. And pretty. And perky. And chatty. And they had very complicated orders. And they all stood in line between me and my latte. It was NOT a good start to my day.

This morning, the first song I heard on the way to work was “Santa is a Psycho”, a little holiday ditty by Dan Hart. (Google it. The lyrics are twisted and wrong, in a very good twisted and wrong sort of way.) This was a MUCH better start to my day. đŸ˜‰

P.S. — XM Radio’s “Special Xmas” station was apparently programmed with me in mind. And it should be renamed ” ‘Short Bus Special’ Xmas”.


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