And in other news…

Ah, there’s nothing quite like the smell of E-6000* in the morning!

It’s been a productive weekend thus far.  On the arty side, I finished a few new watercolor ACEOs (miniature paintings, 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches) last night while watching a couple of old movies I had DVR’d. This morning I made several new glass pins to wear, to donate to the NFPW Education Fund auction next week, and to sell at Archon next month. (That’s where the E-6000 comes in.) Take a look at the work in progress at my art blog. I still need to get my Good Aunt alter-ego in gear and finish the cards and gifts I need to ship for family birthdays next week.

On my marathon shopping excursion, I found a new sweater to wear at the NFPW conference next week but not much else — it’s time to hit the closet and see what I have for fall that still fits. (Regarding current fashion: what is it with cropped sleeves? Honestly, my arms are abnormally long and gangly enough as it is, without my sleeves ending abruptly about 4 inches above my wrist. Geez.)

Other than that, I’ve been rather mundane. I went to yoga. I bought groceries. Did a little light housekeeping. Did a little bit of laundry. Started packing for my trip next week. That’s about all.

* silcone-based industrial-strength adhesive


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