Back from Vegas…

I’m back from Vegas, baby! Honestly, the corporate event went incredibly smoothly for a first-time conference. People showed up. The equipment worked. People learned stuff. Good things were said about it. What more can you want?

Taking Care Of Business
We held the event at the Green Valley Ranch Resort, just outside the city. I was there for five days and never left the property. I was working 12-hour days doing setup, staffing the registration desk, and being a greeter at the poolside reception.

Most of the meals were catered, and while the food was tasty, some of it just didn’t sit well with my system. Personally, I’m blaming the coffee (absolutely foul). I also suspect some of the dairy items weren’t kept quite as cold as they should have been. Thus, by the time this photo was taken of me and Elvis, I was looking a bit worse for wear.

The Elvis we hired for the poolside reception was fantastic, and I hear he tours on behalf of the convention and visitor’s bureau. He has both the looks and the voice.

Held Hostage By Flying Zombies
My return trip didn’t go very smoothly, however. My 5:20 p.m. direct flight didn’t leave the ground until around 8 p.m. — and it made an unplanned fueling stop in Albuquerque, arriving in Kansas City at approximately 2 a.m. But, seeing as how it was Zombie Apocalypse Day, I suspect zombies were to blame for this utterly unacceptable chain of events. (I know the passengers were all pretty zombie-fied by the time we landed.)

Assorted Trivial Pursuits
The next morning, I took Mike to the airport. His eldest child graduated high school on Friday. Today, he and both kids leave for the UK for a grand tour. I’ve been told they plan to see it all. (Good luck with that.) They’ll have a grand time, regardless.

On Saturday I attended the SF club picnic. Turnout was small, but a good time was had by all. It’s kinda sad, really, how the club seems to be withering.

Today I cruised by the Town Center Art Show (nice variety, but nothing terribly outstanding) and foraged at Walmart (when will I learn that they never have what you’re looking for?)

Tomorrow, it’s back to the office. We’ve been so totally focused on pulling off this event that everything else has stacked up in a holding pattern awaiting our return. I suspect I’ll spend half the day just sorting through old requests and prioritizing a task list. (And figuring out how to file an expense report.)


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One thought on “Back from Vegas…

  1. kalimeg

    June 18, 2007 at 12:15am

    The last time I went to the picnic was the year I was chairing the con. Ever since I got heat stroke in the 1980’s I’ve been way too susceptible to heat injury, and had close calls at a couple of SCA events; so I just don’t go out in the heat unless I have to.

    Glad y’all had fun, anyway.

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  2. jimmy_hollaman

    June 18, 2007 at 1:02am

    Ah the club, its slowly dying and there are some people to blame for it. One being a person who says he doesn’t want to see the club go away, yet then has been seen talking a person out of joining because of the clubs funds seem to be going away…. sigh. I am no longer a member my self. i stopped when i had not gone to any thing for a while and felt paying to do nothing was a little off…….

    woof on working 12 hour days in vegas…. but you got to meet Elvis, how bubba is that…

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  3. mckitterick

    June 18, 2007 at 8:03am

    Sounds like a wild ride, sista!

    And yeah, zombies screw up everything!

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    • Author


      June 21, 2007 at 3:55am

      You know, I just LOVE the look mundanes give me when I say things like, “Yeah, the flight was three hours late and I got in at 2 a.m., but it was Zombie Apocalypse Day. Whaddya gonna do?”

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  4. klingonguy

    June 18, 2007 at 5:07pm

    I’ve been behind in my LJ reading, or I’d have seen this post, and gone looking for the zombies yesterday.

    Not that it would have done any good. You can’t buy zombie repellent in NV, and while I might have picked some up in CA before heading out, the can wouldn’t have cleared security. Sigh.

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