I am the evil overlord…

Oh yeah, Mayhem definitely hates his new collar. He’s been much more tolerant of it since I snipped the bell off. (Who decided that all cat collars come with a bell attached, anyway?) Mischief wasn’t amused, either.

The collars are just an experiment. The Trouble Twins have so much fur that the collars disappear under the ruff. Mayhem had such a conniption over the bell that I doubt I’ll get him to tolerate an ID tag. We shall see.

Mayhem didn’t cross the threshold today, even though he had the opportunity. I wonder how long he’ll remember yesterday’s lesson?

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One thought on “I am the evil overlord…

  1. dragonet2

    March 12, 2007 at 4:06pm

    When we still lived at the Prairie Village house

    we had a Very Bad flea infestation. It was before there were any feline spot-on flea treatments…. I decided on collars all around. I put ’em on before I went to work.

    Aja had her collar bitten off within 24 hours.

    Temme had all the hair start coming off his neck by that evening, snip, it’s off.

    Melisande, in her effort to get the darned got one hind foot caught and spent the day like that. I took it off.

    One of the vets at work (I was working at the vaccine manufacturer) gave me a tube of One-Spot and said to be very sparing with the drop, but that it would only take one small drop to de-flea them. And it did!

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      March 12, 2007 at 4:33pm

      Re: When we still lived at the Prairie Village house

      If fleas were the problem, I would go that route. I’m more worried about the Little Monster escaping the porch and wandering away. The collars have the safety catch on them, so they’ll give way if tugged on. Now I just need to get an ID on them. It make come down to a Sharpie on the collar itself….

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