I’m baaack…..

I’m back in KC and draped in cats …. furry little leeches, they are, and they really really missed their peoples. A big thanks to dragonet2 for looking after them while I was away, and for letting me know what Saturday’s storm did to my back fence. (No worries. It was only held up by wishes and a small piece of nylon rope. The only thing keeping the last bit of it up at the moment is geometry….)

Anyway, I spent a lot of time in airports yesterday, waiting for that line of nasty weather to move so that the planes stuck in the Midwest could make their way to the East Coast and take me home. There was enough time built into my original schedule that I arrived in KC only two hours later than planned, but I had to chip my car out of its icy coating — in the dark, at midnight, with a light breeze and 26 degree temps. Blech. This morning the cats forced me to lounge about and rub their bellies, and then I spent a couple of hours troubleshooting the Internet connection — or lack thereof. Now that I’m reconnected to the world, it’s time to run some errands.

More later… including pictures….


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