Long but successful DMV visit

This comic only hints at what I had to go through to get both my driver’s license and my car registration renewed at the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles this week.

To get my driver’s license renewed, I had to present a birth certificate to prove I’m a U.S. citizen, a utility bill (or in my case, a jury notice) to prove I really live where I say I do, and my Social Security card to prove I’m on the grid. (Since I still have the name I was born with, I didn’t have to present a marriage license. Gak.) And I had to wait in a long line. And I had to pay them money.

To get my tags renewed, I had to present property tax receipts for 2004 and 2005, proof that my car is insured, and proof that my car passed the state vehicle inspection. And I had to wait in a second long line. And I had to pay them money.

Ain’t freedom a beautiful thing? I’m so proud to have helped ensure the safety of my fellow Americans by proving I am one. At least they didn’t ask me to prove that I can drive the damn thing, eat a cheeseburger, talk on a cellphone, change the radio station, and flip off my fellow drivers at the same time without ending up in a ditch. Geez.


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One thought on “Long but successful DMV visit

  1. doubt72

    January 28, 2006 at 10:02am

    Crikey, you don’t need nearly that much in Colorado.

    In fact, when I first got here, I walked into a kiosk in a mall, gave them my Texas driver’s license, had my picture taken, and walked out with my new license in less than ten minutes. Also, there was no line.

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  2. ehs347

    January 30, 2006 at 9:42pm

    Virginia sucks too

    When I foolishly changed my name after getting married, it took me TWO trips to the DMV, punctuated by a trip to the Social Security office, to have them MAIL to me a new license with the new name. For “security reasons”, they couldn’t just hand it over. Pure ridiculousness. By comparison, Missouri sounds darned easy!

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