Not exactly 101 things….

– Spring seems to be springing, at last. Yeah!
– Work is getting nutty. Too much to do, and we’re 1.5 bodies short. Yikes.
– My knee is trying to crap out on me… I really DON’T need this.
– The art Muse is being a tease. The bitch.
– The cats are still cute. They’d be even cuter if they didn’t lick my nose at 5:30 a.m. or compete over who get to sleep nearest my face.
– I need to re-jiggle my art show budget for the year, since panel fees are going up all over the damn place. Argh.
– Con appearance schedule thus far: Conquest in May, Campbell Conf/Heinlein Centennial in July, and Archon/Nasfic in August. Maybe Conestoga in July.
– Tax prep appointment scheduled for Thursday. I REALLY need to get my paperwork together. Double Yikes.


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