Only my cat…

Since Mayhem and his sister joined the family, I’ve been a little worried about him. He’s smaller than his sister by at least a pound, and his hunting skills aren’t nearly as well developed. He alternates between being hyper-focused and being easily distractable, so I call him my ADD kitty.

I continue to find reasons to be concerned. Last night during dinner, I heard the tell-tale ka-thump of Mayhem leaping off counter. Remembering that I had left a pan of poached salmon and a pan of curried sugarsnap peas cooling on the stove, I rushed in to assess the situation. Sure enough, my ADD kitty had snatched himself a snack.

Did he pick the poached salmon, holy grail of kitties everywhere? No. He picked the vegetable. That cat just ain’t right.


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One thought on “Only my cat…

  1. Anonymous

    May 14, 2007 at 2:42am


    We had to mail out all the May cons and half of the June ones before we left on this road trip…

    Bleh…I’m tired. đŸ˜›


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