Shopping expedition…

I embarked upon a shopping expedition today with three goals in mind. I achieved one goal successfully. The others…. not so much.

1. Shoes. I need a pair of shoes that are dressier than my hard leather Birkenstock clogs, but which won’t leave me limping. Success. I found two pairs of Clarks today that should do the job. One pair of loafers, one pair of slides. Both on sale. Score!

2. A Dress Coat. My much-beloved, decade-old winter coat is moth food. Sigh. After today’s expedition, I doubt I will find its equal: wool gabardine, zip-out liner, ankle-length, black, trench coat styling. Apparently, current fashion is short, skinny, and ugly. I saw quilts and blankets masquerading as coats, lots of faux fur, and coats that will only keep you warm from the thighs up. Most of the runner-ups are cat hair magnets. (Word to the retailers: If your black flannel coats are covered in stray bits of white faux fur from the next rack over, you might consider giving them a quick once-over with the lint roller. Ya think?) I did see a winter trench by London Fog, but it was only available in tan. Dare I stray from my signature black?

3. Non-electronic, mind-expanding toys for 10-year-olds in the under $10 range. I got nothing here. Nada. Zip. I want at least four toys to supplement the bookstore gift certificates I’m giving the nieces and nephews this year. Apparently I ask too much. Everything is electronic now, and what kid wants a crappy $7 electronic toy when they’ve got a Gameboy in their pocket?

Tomorrow: More coat shopping…..


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One thought on “Shopping expedition…

  1. klingonguy

    December 2, 2005 at 1:31am

    I would recommend an assortment of wooden tops. I have a variety made in different shapes, and they are very fun. Also, consider a gyroscope; an awesome gift. Then there’s the fun of origami. And let us not forget a plethora of close-up magic tricks (if you want to amaze and mystify your friends, what’s better than some slight of hand or coin magic?).

    Unlike a pocket gameboy, these are all gifts that engage the mind and imagination while still developing eye/hand coordination. They don’t require batteries. And you can almost guarantee that no one else will get the ids these gifts, and their friends won’t have anything like them either.

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    • Author


      December 2, 2005 at 5:52pm

      “And what did you get, Charlie Brown?”
      “I got a rock.”

      Nice thoughts, Lawrence. But a wooden top? I’ve got a reputation to maintain. I’m the cool aunt, remember? (But you might be on to something with the gyroscope and the origami…. I used to love that stuff when I was a kid….)

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