Shopping for Arts and Crafts Supplies

Today the United States Supreme Court ruled that the religious rights of a closely held for-profit corporation take precedence over the federal law (the Affordable Care Act) that mandates health insurance plans offered to the corporation’s employees cover the certain preventative healthcare services, including contraception.*

Hobby Lobby, the arts-and-crafts retailer, is at the center of this controversy. Don’t like their policy? Don’t shop there.**

In the past, I’ve shopped at Hobby Lobby when I could manipulate their discounts in my favor. I won’t be shopping there in the future. Other stores sell similar items and items of better quality.

Places to shop for arts and crafts supplies that aren’t Hobby Lobby:

*In my opinion, if a health insurance plan covers men’s erectile dysfunction medication, then it should also cover women’s contraceptives. 

**If you don’t agree with a company’s business practices, don’t apply for a job there, either.


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One thought on “Shopping for Arts and Crafts Supplies

  1. Paula Helm Murray

    June 30, 2014 at 6:50pm

    I’ve stated before, they lost my business a long time ago over something much more minor (there are SOME THINGS that should NEVER be played as flat picked bluegrass music, not matter how sparkly that makes it sound).

    And I’ve been following this case since it came into public view. The majority of the current justices are apparently Catholic, and their opinion lines up with their religious beliefs. Which I think they should have vowed not to let sway them when they took the job.

    I don’t shop there, wouldn’t work there, etc. Last round of my ‘art supplies’ came from an independent wholesaler at the gem show I took Rachel to.

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