SoonerCon is Sooner than I Think…

I’m scurrying about trying to finish up several new pieces of art to show at  SoonerCon this weekend in Oklahoma City. Here’s a reminder about my schedule:

Friday, June 27

  • 3 pm —Tut, Tut Mummy! — Why this strange fascination with the dried-up husks of dead people?
  • 5 pm — A Game of Thrones: A Fan’s Addiction (moderator) — Panelists discuss everything Game of Thrones from the books to the television series. *Spoilers may be unavoidable
  • 8 pm — Art Reception

Saturday, June 28

  • 11 am — Dragons: Myths Across the Miles — How did the legend of the dragon make its way across the continents in the ages of minimal communication and cross-continental travel? What cultural truths can be explained by the similarity of the various dragon myths and forms?
  • 3 pm — Dr. Who: The Anti-Antihero — Is the Doctor’s ultra-goodness his best appeal? What gives him such cross-generational staying power?
  • 4 pm — Yard Dog Press Roadshow

Sunday, June 29

  • 10 am — Koffee Klatch — Meet guests of the convention and enjoy coffee and casual conversation.
  • 12 pm — The Inspired Artist — Artists discuss their real-world inspirations used to create works of SF/F art.
  • 3 pm — Why So Grimm? (moderator) — A gruesome look at the original Grimm’s fairy tales.


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