Where does the time go?

Time has been zooming by these past few weeks. Quick updates:

* The foot of snow finally melted, only to be replaced a few days later by a couple more inches of the same (although less of it). Yuck. I hate snow. My idea of Hell IS a cold day. With that said…

* I spent my snow day revising a short story and submitted it for consideration in a Yard Dog Press anthology. This is the first fiction I’ve submitted to an editor in a decade. (Did anyone check to see if Hell froze over on December 15?)

* Mike is finally home after spending two weeks in paradise with Uncle Sam. It’s nice to have someone home to talk with again. The cat is only a marginal conversationalist. Speaking of which…

* The cat is acting more weird than usual. She’s staying on the first floor, drinking lots of water, having litter box issues, sleeping on the floor a lot, and having “senior moments”. I suspect her aging kidneys have taken a turn for the worst, and she may be developing diabetes. She’s spending Christmas at the “kitty spa” and the vet will be testing/monitoring her for the next few days. She’s almost 17 years old. That’s a good run for a cat.

* Mom and Sis have called a truce for the holiday. Yeah!

* I had a great job interview with a good company, and they’ve invited me back for a second interview with the decision-maker. (Fingers crossed….). I’ve also received some nibbles from a couple of other companies, and I might have a temporary opportunity, too. (More crossed fingers…)

* I realized over the past few weeks how much my health has improved in the past year. Medication has made my arthritis managable and returned my life to near-normal. I still have to respect my physical limitations and not get too fatigued, but LIFE IS GOOD. To all the folks in my life who have helped me through the past two years through their actions and/or their patience, THANK YOU!

* Finally, I repeat my holiday greetings to you all:


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One thought on “Where does the time go?

  1. Anonymous

    December 23, 2005 at 3:35pm

    Merry Christmas

    Hi Allison,
    Have been enjoying your website this morning and will spend more time with it at home (Work keeps interrupting me here! How rude.)

    Sean is home from Oregon, happy to be back in Charleston for a week. Paul still lives at home and says he wants to be on his own, but I think secretly plans to stay with us forever. He finished school last week and has worked on a couple of TV shows this fall (Amazing Race Family Edition and a new show for NBC Treasure Hunters) We’re the only folks I know that really want to be empty nesters!

    We’ll all visit with Momma on Sunday. She’s doing great — better than she has been in several years. We are looking forward to a happy day but still missing Daddy terribly.

    Here’s wishing you and Mike a very happy Christmas season.
    Hope your cat is better!


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