New(ish) Blog!

New Sketchbook

When I start a new sketchbook, I open the front cover and write my name and the date on the first page. Sometimes I’ll write “NEW SKETCHBOOK!” or add a random color. It’s my way of overcoming first-page paranoia, in which the artist obsesses over what to draw on the first page of a new sketchbook and what to do if the drawing “isn’t good enough”.

So now, as I open the front cover of my brand-new consolidated website and blog, I’ll write my name and the date:

Allison Stein
February 10, 2013

Older posts from this point back are cobbled together from my old Blogspot art blog, my old Live Journal personal blog, and some tweets that were cross-posted to one or the other. I’ve also salvaged and updated some biographical info and other items from my old website. Unfortunately, some of the old art and photos are not making the move. I may upload some of them to Flickr at some point in the future.


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