Amazon weirdness…

Usually, when I order from Amazon, the books are all shipped from the Coffeyville KS warehouse, and I receive them in about 2 days regardless of the shipping option I choose. Therefore, I usually choose “free shipping.” This time, however, there is weirdness. I ordered 4 books on July 2, with an anticipated ship date of July 7. The good news is they shipped much earlier than anticipated. However,

  • 1 item shipped at 11:41 am Wed July 2 from “Kansas City KS”, which was later changed to “Coffeyville KS” but is now listed as “Kansas City, KS” again with an estimated delivery date of Wed July 9. Um, Kansas City KS is a 20 minute drive from the postal station that delivers my mail. Five business days (8 days total including the holiday and the weekend) seems a little excessive, even for the postal service.
  • The rest shipped on Thurs July 8 from Fresno California, with an estimated arrival of Fri July 11. This one is listed as being shipped via DHL, with delivery by USPS.

I do hope the second shipment arrives on time, so I can read this month’s book club selection over the weekend.


Edit July 9: The item promised for delivery today is still MIA….



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One thought on “Amazon weirdness…

  1. petrini1

    July 8, 2008 at 11:21pm

    What’s this month’s book club selection? (And how do you get people to show up for meetings?)

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    • Author


      July 9, 2008 at 3:31am

      July = Orphanage by Robert Buettner
      Aug = Lost & Found by Alan Dean Foster
      Sept = Dead to Me by Anton Stront

      How do we get people to show up?
      – The self-appointed secretary sends an email reminder a week before the meeting.
      – We meet at the bookstore, with or without offical sanction.
      – We meet on the fourth Monday of the month, 11 months a year.
      – We always answer the ritual questions:
      — Who started the book?
      — Who finished the book?
      — Who plans to finish the book?
      — Who liked the book?
      — Who didn’t like the book?
      — Who liked the book, “eh” (with the finger wiggle)
      – After we discuss the book, we discuss other SF stuff.
      – We then adjourn and reconvene at a nearby frozen custard stand. đŸ™‚

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