Ambien is my friend…

I haven’t slept well in months. Ambien is my friend. I didn’t take Ambien when I went to bed last night. That’s why I’m on the Internet at 4 a.m. Heck, even Ebay is asleep at 4 a.m.!

Actually I do finally wind down around dawn. Either I drop from exhaustion, or the soothing voice of Carl Castle reading the morning news on NPR does the trick. Not sure which one it is.

Sleep deprivation leads to very — odd — dreams. Somewhat interactive. Somewhat hallucinogenic. I’m glad I never did drugs in my youth.

Happy Birthday, littleegypt and a hiya to tapestry01, jimmy_hollaman, and our buddy Gus. I hope ya’ll are sleeping well.


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One thought on “Ambien is my friend…

  1. littleegypt

    May 9, 2003 at 6:47am

    Ambien is my friend too, unfortunately my insurance company only allows me to have 60 per year and they are really expensive. SO instead I have to take Dalmane which puts me in a coma. I was up at 4 too, wandering around the net. My AIM name is takkicleo so if us fellow insomniacs are ever out there, bored, give me a holler.

    I had a fun brithday, thanks. Posting all those photos.

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