Back in the grind…

Last week, my cousin emailed to ask if I was okay, since I hadn’t posted in a while. Yep. I’m okay. I’ve just been busy settling into my new routine with my new job. After three weeks, I think I’ve got a handle on the product and the market. And I’ve finally figured out how to adjust my fancy schmancy office chair.

Other random thoughts:
– I still have yoga and art classes two nights a week, so I feel like I’m always on the run.
– The cat is doing fine for the moment, but I suspect it won’t be long before something’s amiss again.
– Mike is home but still speaking military gibberish.
– My sister had her baby, a week or so early, but she and son are doing fine.
– My first published short story in nearly 10 years is now available in the Flush Fiction anthology from Yard Dog Press.
– And the doctor says that I have a brain, and it is normal. Believe it, or not.


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