Crawling out from under my rock…

It’s not groundhog day yet, but I thought I’d crawl out from under my rock for a bit. I see my shadow. Is that a good sign, or a bad one? I forget.

Not much new to speak of since my last post. My honey is home from the war. My headaches are finally under control. My sinuses are not, and I’m on my fifth round of antibiotics since September. I mostly survived both holiday trips East to visit family, with only minor emotional bruising and one very bad case of respiratory cooties. Work is steady and the paychecks don’t bounce, which, all in all, is a very good thing. Art show season is cranking up again with a vengeance. A naked Christmas tree still lurks in a dark corner of my dining room.

I spent the fall taking art lessons and vegetating. I didn’t realize how disconnected I had become until I sat down to clean out my emailbox. It was full of unanswered mail dating back to mid-summer. Have I really been in hibernation that long?

Both of my long-standing email addresses got nuked in a New Year’s Day anti-spam initiative gone horribly wrong. I have two new email addresses now. If the one you use bounces, that’s why.


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