I just want to fly, be free….

Another terror plot, more airline security. I’m flying next week. This trip is gonna be a royal pain in the ass — not because I’ll be terribly inconvenienced by what I can’t carry on the plane, but because I’ll be terribly inconvenienced by the rabble who will a) not be prepared to comply and b) be pissy about having to comply with the new rules, both of which will make the lines at the security checkpoints long and intolerably slow. Bah. Humbug.

Oh yeah — an update on my previous trip from hell…. you know, the one that was late and stupid? Turns out that ASA, a contractor for Delta, has the worst record for any airline in any category you can name — delays, cancellations, customer service, etc. You name it, they’re on the bottom of the list. I really wish that survey had been released before I bought that ticket. More bah. More humbug.


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One thought on “I just want to fly, be free….

  1. geekmom

    August 11, 2006 at 7:00pm

    I am soooo damn glad I’m not flying now, especially not out of the UK. I just can’t imagine going on a plane without a juice box or sippy for the kids, so their ears don’t explode on takeoff and landing.

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