Just three things…

LOVED IT: Walgreens. I transferred my prescriptions from CVS to Walgreens this week. You may recall my previous rant about the spectacularly bad service CVS provided. Since that incident, I had four more interactions with CVS, all of which were handled with spectacularly poor customer service. So, off to Walgreens I went with my little bag of empty pill bottles. Within 24 hours, Walgreens retrieved the info and permissions to refill six medications, filled them accurately, and sent me an email to let me know they were ready to pick up. I was in and out of there in about 5 minutes — no waiting, no hassle. They even put my Rx in easy-open bottles. Awww, ain’t they sweet? I can also print a purchase summary online to submit for my benefits reimbursement. How cool is that?

HATED IT: Plaza Security. One morning this week, I struggled to parallel park Mike’s station wagon outside of Panera Bread on the Plaza. I’ve never been very good at parallel parking, Mike’s car is longer than mine, my spacial perception skills are impaired, and I was in serious need of caffeine. So the Plaza Security guy stands there, hands on his hips, watching me. After a half dozen back-and-forths trying to wiggle into a space that is adequately large, but which I just couldn’t “see”, I got out and asked him if I was close enough to the curb yet. He says “Not enough to be legal.” Does he bother giving me some helpful hand signals that would indicate I should move forward, back, or a little more to the right? No. He just stands there, waiting to see if I’d walk away and leave the car far enough from the curb to justify a parking ticket. What a complete jerk!

BOGGLED BY IT: The new dental hygienist. She’s a little tightly wound, and I can only assume that alcohol contributed to her failed marriage. First, she went off on me at length about using Listerine, because apparently the alcohol content is high. (A quick Google yields a figure: Listerine is 26.9% alcohol. It’s not like I’m gonna swallow it, for crying out loud!) Second, she related a lengthy yet bizarre story about an obnoxious fellow airline passenger from a long-ago trip, who obviously must have been drunk because he was loud and didn’t like small children. Seriously. What’s UP with that?


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