Mayhem’s Big Adventure….

Mike and I went to the auto show this morning, had a lovely lunch at Lulu’s Noodle Bar, and then went over to Robin and Diana’s so Mike could troubleshoot their computers. Afterward, they took us to dinner. When we finally got home 12 hours later, we discovered… Mayhem on the porch.

The little punk must have slipped out of the house this morning when we were leaving. He’s none the worse for wear, but he did claw up the old carpet covering on the threshold and knock over a few empty flowerpots. I suspect I’ll find some kitty poop out there too, when I go out in the morning.

That’s the first time Mayhem and his sister Mischief have been separated for more than a few minutes. Ever. I suspect they sat with their noses pushed up to either side of the door all day and mewled at each other. Poor little punk. I suspect he’ll try the same stunt again. I’m going to have to put a collar on him. He’s gonna HATE that.


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One thought on “Mayhem’s Big Adventure….

  1. theresamather

    March 11, 2007 at 5:44pm

    Kitty surprise!

    My kitty used to dart outside…and directly up a 50 foot tree. Usually I had to resort to blasting her with water from the hose to get her to come down. Since I moved to Utah we’ve only had one incident- once those little pink paws hit snow for the first time, kitty has had second thoughts about “outside”. đŸ˜›


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      March 14, 2007 at 5:06am

      Re: Kitty surprise!

      There’s nothing worse than cold wet kitty paws. Our last big snowstorm blew a dusting of the cold stuff onto the porch. Mayhem went a little kitty-nuts in it — he didn’t seem to like it on his paws, but he wouldn’t come inside, either. Silly goober-cat.

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