My Archon schedule, and question for the LJ hivemind….

Archon starts on Friday, and I am so not ready! I still have lots of work to do before I leave, including cutting mats for and packaging new art, filling out those annoying mutli-part carbon bid sheets, and prepping for my panels. My schedule is posted below.

Note re: the Saturday 11:10 AM panel on Creating Believable Plots…it’s just me and Guest of Honor Eric Flint, author of the 1632 alternate history series and other acclaimed works. How did THAT happen? I’m speechless. I’ve alerted the program chair that I intend to act as Mr. Flint’s interviewer and moderate the Q&A, similar to the GOH panel I moderated with Ellen Datlow at ConQuesT.

So I pose the question to the great LJ hivemind: what questions should I ask Eric Flint about creating believable plots and keeping the reader intrigued?

FRI 11:00 AM — Great Rivers B – Art Show opens at 11 a.m.! Come see all the pretty shiny stuff, and buy lots of art!

FRI  5:00 PM — Cahokian — Playdoh Sculptures / Children’s Programming — What can you make? (Kendall R. Hart, Butch Honeck, Allison Stein) This is going to be fun. I love watching Butch work.

FRI 7:30 PM — Great Rivers B — Artist Reception  — Meet the artists and see lots of pretty, shiny art! I’ll be there for the first hour, then it’s off to a panel for me!

FRI 8:30 PM — Salon D:5 — The First 100 Words — Getting out of the slush and into the story (Allison Stein, Selina Rosen, Dave Creek, Brock J. Hanke)

SAT 10:30 AM — Great Rivers B – Art Show opens for the day. If you missed the pretty shiny stuff on Friday, come see it on Saturday and buy lots of art! Bid early, bid often! Bidding closes at 4 pm.

SAT 11:10 AM — Salon D:4 — Suspending Disbelief and Keeping the Reader Turning the Pages — Believable plots (Allison Stein, Eric Flint*) See question above. What should I ask Mr. Flint?

SAT 4:00 PM — Great Rivers B – Art Show bidding closes. Don’t forget to bid early, bid often! Lots of pretty, shiny art… don’t miss it!

SAT 8:30 PM — Marquette B — From the 60’s to the 90’s and Beyond — The great stuff we grew up with, and what will our grandkids watch? (Den Dotson, Allison Stein, Van Plexico, Brock J. Hanke) I guess word got out about my media-drenched childhood and current addiction to TV.  Could be fun. However, this panel overlaps with the Masquerade. I wonder if anyone will show up?

SAT 10:30 AM — Great Rivers B – Art Show opens until noon for last minute quick sales. Don’t forget!

SUN 12:20 PM — Salon D:4 — Indiana My Hero  — Does it get any better than this? Or is he too old to make our hearts flutter? (Bradley Denton*, Allison Stein, Bobbi Meserole*, Linda Wyatt) Not only do I get to talk about one of my favorite movie series (Indiana Jones) and my first big crush (Harrison Ford), I get to be on a panel with BRAD DENTON!! (Eat your heart out,

! )


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One thought on “My Archon schedule, and question for the LJ hivemind….

  1. ravenchilde_art

    September 30, 2009 at 2:00am

    Eric Flint would be a good one to ask. That series is hilarious. đŸ™‚

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    • Author
      • ravenchilde_art

        September 30, 2009 at 2:07am

        Actually, from a talk I had with his first co author, David Weber, on that series, you could ask him about the transition of a minor hero foil character from a minor player into a major part of the story.

        I’m referring to a character named Admiral Simpson.

        Some other stuff you could cover about that series specifically. On the Baen’s Bar site, there are endless discussions on additional short story and character additions to the series.

        There have been some absurd additions, like wanting to have a team of special forces guys who got randomly caught up in the story, the idea of a f16 fighter jet also being brought back in time, and several other ideas that got shot down.

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      • ravenchilde_art

        September 30, 2009 at 2:09am

        Oh, you might also contact Tracy Morris and Brad Sinor for suggestions since they are also involved with writing for this series now. The Grantville Gazette specifically.

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