My SoonerCon 26 Programming Schedule

Here’s my SoonerCon 26 programming schedule:

  • Thrifty Revisions: Adding SF Genre Elements to Thrift Store Paintings – 4:00 PM Friday – Artists insert monsters or genre elements into reclaimed paintings and prints. Final works are up for sale in the Charity Auction. (Paintings provided.)
  • Monster in an Hour – 1:00 PM Saturday – Monsters of the sideshow! Artists collaborate with the audience to create and draw freaks, clowns, and carnival cryptos–in an hour! Drawings available for purchase in Charity Auction. (Supplies provided.)
  • Build Your Own Fairy Tale – 5:00 PM Saturday – Take the raw components from a list of story elements and assemble your own Hero’s Journey. (Kid-Friendly.)
  • Failing Better – 1:00 PM Sunday – Rejection letters are just the beginning. In this panel, we’re spilling our guts about cancelled contracts, broken hearts, abysmal sales – and how to emerge from all of them better than you were before.


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