No thanks….

No, I’d rather NOT discuss my spiritual salvation while trying to enjoy the solitude of my screen porch on this beautiful 76-degree Saturday morning. I’m sure someone else can use that pamphlet more than I can. Now, please move along so I can finish my cup of tea in peace before the neighborhood lawn mower brigade decides to launch the fleet. Buh-bye now!


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One thought on “No thanks….

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      August 7, 2005 at 8:07pm

      To be honest, I saw ’em coming, so I hid out on the back porch until they passed… Still, they canvas this block at least once a month. What’s UP with that?

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  1. fireguarder

    August 9, 2005 at 3:49am

    Bill had the experience of coming home from dialysis one day and spotting some of the, er, canvassers (two women) hitting up the houses across the street. He hurried into the house and got into bed for his after-dialysis nap. They rang the doorbell and he didn’t answer. Then they CAME AROUND THE SIDE OF THE HOUSE and spoke to him through the open bedroom window !!!! The NERVE! Hiding out on the back porch was probably a wise move on your part.

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