Remembering a Lovely Day on the Salisbury Plain

One year ago today my husband Mike and I were in England, enjoying a lovely day on the Salisbury Plain. We toured Stonehenge and Avebury, and finished our day in Bath with a quick tour of the Cathedral right before they closed for the evening. The day was gorgeous with a clear blue sky.

At Stonehenge, we followed the approved path that kept us at a distance from the ancient stones. At Avebury, there were no such restrictions, and we could wander among the stones and explore at will (stepping carefully to avoid the, um, “lamb patties”). Kids climb the stones and families picnic amongst them.

We finished out the day in Bath, where the drunken angels tumble down the stairs on the Bath Cathedral facade. (You know the meme: “Go home, angel! You’re drunk!”

It was a lovely day. The next day, however, not so much. I stumbled on broken pavement, turning my ankle and breaking my foot. But hey, what’s an adventure without a little adversity?


Mike ponders Stonehenge

Mike ponders Stonehenge


Mike and I at Stonehenge

Mike and I at Stonehenge





Go home, Angel! You're drunk!

Go home, Angel! You’re drunk!

Three ACEOs

Three ACEOs to ponder. All of which should be posted soon in my Etsy store.

Pretty Cleo, 2.5″x3.5″ ACEO, watercolor on 140# Arches

“Pretty Cleo” is another attempt at an image I posted a few months ago. She’s a cutie, isn’t she?

The Twilight Castle, 2.5″x3.5″ ACEO, watercolor and watercolor pencil on 140# Canson

This ACEO started as I contemplated castles and landscapes. I need to start adding more environments to my work. My imagination apparently inhabits a barren, rocky world that has specatular sunsets.

Smokey Joe, 2.5″x3.5″ ACEO on 3″x4″ paper, watercolor on 140# Canson

“Smokey Joe” started as a practice piece, experimenting with wet-in-wet on Canson paper. He’s such a well-mannered kitty.

Learning Mode: Landscape Tone and Value

Two Landscapes, 4″x5″, Watercolor on Arches 140#

These two paintings are my homework assignment from my watercolor class. The goal was to paint a landscape using tone and value and only three colors. In this case, I used cobalt, viridian, and gamboge on the top/blue one, and cobalt, quin rose, and ultramarine on the bottom/purple one.

The paper makes a tremendous difference. I did a series of practice pieces on 90# Canson, but it felt as if the pigment was sliding off the paper. On the 140# Arches, the pigment gripped the paper better and stayed put.