The Cat had a REALLY BAD DAY…

The Fuzzy White Queen of the Universe AKA Furbeast, Flufferoo, and Pooper, had a REALLY BAD DAY. She was
– shoved in a box
– introduced to kittens
– weighed
– fondled by strangers
– had a thermometer inserted you know where
– had vaccine squirted up her nose
– had two vaccines injected in her butt
– had blood drawn
– ordered to submit to subQ fluids more frequently
– shoved back into a box
and just when she thought she was home free, they
– took her back to the kennels
– drew more blood
– cut out an ingrown toenail
– trimmed her claws
– and shoved her back into a box.

Her Royal Bitchness is NOT AMUSED. The patient is home, has been given treats, fed a spoonful of special
canned food, and is resting comfortably. But she is still NOT AMUSED. I’m pretty certain I can get a few photos of her this afternoon that may qualify for My Cat Hates You dot com.

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One thought on “The Cat had a REALLY BAD DAY…

  1. nkcmike

    July 8, 2005 at 12:17pm

    When your post popped up, my eyes did that almost instantaneous (and often incorrect) grasp of what might be there. “Wow. That’s some kinky stuff. Oh . . . wait. She’s talking about her CAT.”

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    • Author


      July 8, 2005 at 12:36pm

      Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge. Of COURSE I’m talking about the cat. I don’t want to know what YOU were thinking about. GRIN.

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