Where does the time go?…

Has it been TWO WEEKS since my last post? Geez. Let’s see…

Last weekend, I went to Conestoga in Tulsa and had a really good time. See photos by Keith Stokes here for a visual recap. The art show team found space for me in the show, and the programming team put me on a good art discussion panel with the president of ASFA. I met a bunch of the Yard Dogs, visited with friends, and just relaxed. It was good to be at a con and NOT sick and NOT responsible for anything. Also, my friend Mark Tiedemann has a new book out, and it was good seeing him and his sweetie.

This week, I went back to work full-time. Things are crazy-busy there and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Yikes.

Right now, we’re in the middle of a nasty nasty heat wave — bad enough that even my heat-and-humidity-loving Southern genes can’t fully compensate. I went out for a little bit about midday, then finally say phooey to that. Now I’m hunkered down inside with a cool drink and plan to stay here. (We Southerners might talk funny, but we ain’t [all] stupid.)

Tomorrow, it’s off to the bustling metropolis of Polo, Mo., for Sunday dinner with Mike’s grandma, aunts, and cousins. I suspect there will be quite a bit of pie, too. Yummy yummy homemade pie. Mmmmmm……


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One thought on “Where does the time go?…

  1. nkcmike

    July 24, 2005 at 1:20am


    OMG, Polo? Really? You’ll go within a couple of miles of our horses on your way there. In fact, we ride at a state conservation area NE of Polo.

    Have some pie for me. WAIT!! Pie of “off your list” isn’t it? Wheat and all that jazz? You could bring the pie to me! <BG>

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    • Author


      July 24, 2005 at 5:05am

      Re: Polo

      But Mike, I occasionally make exceptions for special treats, like homemade pie and the occaisional biscuit. [BIG GRIN] I’ve never been north of Polo, though, so I can’t waive hello to your horses. Grandma’s place is just a bit south and west of the main intersection, but still within walking distance of the Klassy grocery.

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      • nkcmike

        July 24, 2005 at 12:02pm

        Re: Polo

        >I occasionally make exceptions…

        Ah. Wise philosophy.

        >I can’t waive hello

        I’m guessing that you take I-35 to 116, then go east. The ponies are a couple of miles south of where 69 crosses 116.

        And enjoy the pie.

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