A little motivation….

Kitty update: The furry wench seems to have fully recovered. She still wants to be spoon-fed, but her energy levels are up, she’s eating kibble on her own, and hasn’t had an “accident” in three days. … I think perhaps the presence of two kittens in the basement has been a motivating factor. A friend needed a cat-sitter for a week, and so the “kids” moved into the basement on Wednesday morning. The furry wench took no heed of them until Thursday, when she wandered down there to see what I was up to. Upon discovering said kittens, the furry wench let loose with the most mournful howl of betrayal I’ve ever heard. Not a territorial warning, not an angry hiss, but a wail of true despair: “You can’t replace ME!” she cried. “I’m NOT DEAD YET!” And with that, she marched upstairs and had a snack.


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