I’m such a geek…

Ever since I got my work laptop a few months ago, my Outlook task list produces an incredibly annoying flicker, and programs crash at random during screen refreshes. Tech support here at the office was stumped. Well, I’m pleased to report I FINALLY found an answer on my own. (I love Google.)

The answer: Microsoft Intellipoint 6.x software doesn’t play nice with ATI video drivers. The complication: I use a MS trackball with the buttons programmed so I don’t have to use my index finger or thumb because of my arthritis. My tech guy wants to replace my trackball with a non-MS product, thus removing the need for the crappy MS Intellipoint 6.x software. It’s not a bad plan, but I use the same style trackball at home (on my Win2000 system, where there isn’t a driver conflict).

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