It’s never too late for resolutions….

January — The season of change and of new beginnings. I never got around to writing down my resolutions for the new year. I’ve been thinking about them, and working on some of them, but I never got around to writing them down. So here goes:

1) Participate. I’ve been lurking in the background for much of the past year, observing the world but not necessarily participating in it. Sure, I check my email and my friends’ posts and status updates (too frequently, perhaps), and I read various blogs and news. But I only post when the mood strikes, and without regularity. Thus, my resolution is to participate more, and not just watch the world go by.

2) Create. While I’ve been watching the world go by, I’ve also wasted a fair bit of time pondering the marketability of my artwork and recycling my existing work, without actually creating anything new. I keep postponing being creative until I have a block of time to devote to it. And, well, that’s just not working out. There’s always something else that needs to be done. Thus, my resolution is to create more, and more often, and mute the annoying self-editor voice in my head.

3) Seize the moment.
Procrastination has become my lifestyle, and I’m up to my ears in stuff I’ve put off ’til later. My "to do" list just keeps getting longer, my "to read" pile just keeps getting bigger, and my cache of unanswered email is gnawing at my subconcious. I have a stack of stuff that needs to be done "later, when I can concentrate on it". Thus, my resolution is to Just Do It and Git ‘Er Done. Now. Or at least real soon.

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One thought on “It’s never too late for resolutions….

  1. timwb

    January 20, 2009 at 3:29am

    All good resolutions.
    I plan on doing the same.
    Maybe we can keep each other on track.

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