Quick update….

I’m doing a lot of writing at work. My brain is tired. Quick thoughts:

Yoga: I tried out a new yoga class Wednesday at a different studio. It was challenging enough that I learned a few new things and got a good balanced workout, but not challenging enough to damage me. I expect I’ll switch to the new studio when I use up my current package of classes at the old studio.

Change. I watched the presidential inauguration live via the web while listening to NPR and multitasking at work. Then I read the tect of the speech online. And then I heard the replay on NPR during the evening broadcast. And then I watched it again on C-Spann. Yeah, it was probably oversaturation. But I’m inspired, and relieve that the old regime is finally out of office.

Cats. My cats are cute. Totally. Furry leeches. They’ve also figured out how turn on the heating pad I keep on my recliner. Lazy, furry, very toasty leeches.

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One thought on “Quick update….

  1. dragonet2

    January 24, 2009 at 4:31am

    Siegfried is smarter

    than I thought.

    I have a box of sheeps made of the last end of the fluff of wool that a hand-spinner uses and pipe cleaners. It’s a click-seal craft shoe box.

    Tonight Siegfried figured out how to open it to get a toy… At first all I knew was that he’d gotten something into his mouth, and I wasn’t sure what. When I yelled, he ran with it. He pitched it out onto the floor downstairs when he realized I meant it when I yelled ‘DROP IT!”


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