Months later…

Okay, so it’s been a while since I updated this journal. In the interim, I started working full time at the IT training firm where I’ve been answering phones since September. I manage curriculum, making sure the students and instructors have the materials they need, when they need it. I still work until 10:30 p.m., but now I have a purpose and health insurance.

I also managed programming for the World Horror Convention in April. Over. Done. Finished. Thank goodness for that. Exhausting. Left me a withered husk of my former self. I’m still mentally, physically, and creatively worn out from that one.

Spring is here, and I’m taking walks again. The 1.5 mile route doesn’t seem as taxing as it did last fall; I probably need to add some mileage to it.

I spent last weekend trying to recharge my batteries. Saturday was absolutely gorgeous, and I spent much of it sitting in a park overlooking the Mississippi River, sketching. The sketches are rough and amateurish, but it’s the first creative thing I’ve done in months. Sunday was stormy, so I spent most of the morning sleeping (hotels are great for that!), then hanging out in the bookstore reading the art books and magazines. Then there was the long drive home from St. Louis to Kansas City that afternoon.

Sunday in Kansas City was messy, with tornados doing a lot of damage north of the city. Luckily, no damage was done to me or anyone I know personally. I was travelling when the storm hit, and I didn’t access the media at all Sunday evening, so I was clueless about the storm and the damage until I turned on NPR on Monday morning.

Okay. You’re up to date on my life for the past four months. Later.


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