My brain is full…

Busy busy busy few days.
– Saw “Flyboys” on Friday night. A World War 1 flyer movie. Enjoyed it.
– Attended RenFest on Saturday. Beautiful weather for a day at the faire. Saw our favorite shows, sang along with pirate songs, shopped the day away but didn’t buy anything.
– Attended the Plaza Art Fair on Sunday. Still good weather. Saw lots of good art. Boy, was it crowded!
– Spent the last two days at a professional conference (International Association of Business Communicators). Was impressed with their professional development sessions. Am intrigued by their professional certification program. I feel a dent in my wallet coming on.
– Somewhere along the way, my cold turned into an annoying cough, and I think I’ve damaged a rib muscle. Bah.
– Tomorrow: Back to the office; back to the grind.


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One thought on “My brain is full…

  1. dragonet2

    October 4, 2006 at 3:38am

    Owww, I’ve been there

    When Jeff and Eric were living with us, I did something (maybe had a bad case of bronchitis or infection or something) that caused me to tear some rib muscles.

    That is SO bad. It hurts to breathe, it hurts to move.

    That year I had bought a table at Kris Kinder, the SCA Christmas market. I knew I couldn’t carry stuff, Jeff and Jim loaded my car Friday night. I flipped Eric out of bed at 7 Saturday morning to help me tote things once I got there. He didn’t tell me he war-gamed until five or six…

    Poor lad actually went to sleep on a steel folding chair, bent over, supporting his head on his fists, in a noisy auditorium at a high school. Margene came and rescued him at about 2, she was with her daughter but she gave him the keys so he could go to the car and fall asleep in the back seat.

    Jim came out with Margene, stayed and helped me load out and drive home. The whole experience flattened me, and I only made about $60.

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