Snuffle, snuffle…

Fighting a dratted cold (thanks, darlin’, thanks a LOT) this morning. Accomplished the major weekend project of deep-cleaning the bedroom. Dust bunnies have been banished, ‘tho I suspect the ragged remnants of that dastardly corps have retreated to safety under the bed to regroup and plan their next assault.

Still trying to convince the cats not to sleep on my face. Mayhem’s favorite position is sit on my pillow, place his front paws on my carotid artery, rest his chin atop them, and purr like a chainsaw. This is NOT conducive to my ability to sleep — or breathe. He doesn’t seem all that concerned by my protestations (or by being flung across the room). Sure, he’s cute, but THIS MUST END.


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One thought on “Snuffle, snuffle…

  1. mckitterick

    September 19, 2006 at 5:54am

    My beloved and long-perished kitty, Helen, slept on my throat for her first few months. I kept shoving her off on the pillow until she reached a point where she only put one arm across my throat. Eventually she only slept against the side of my head.

    Short story: You get used to it *g*

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