SOS From The Ice Planet Hoth….

I haven’t posted lately, but I’m still alive. Grumpy and totally annoyed with the weather, but still breathing. Last weekend brought us ice. This weekend brought us snow. In between, bone-chilling cold. Blech. My idea of Hell IS a cold day, I am ready for it to BE GONE!

How cold was it? Cold enough to break the seal between my tire and the rim. Yep. Flat tire on a morning that was 4 degrees (felt like 4 below with the windchill). My darling knight in shining armor (or loafers and khakis, as the case may be) came to my rescue, put on the spare, and got me on the road again. I love that man.

Being a Girl Raised In The South (aka GRITS), I simply Do Not Like Cold Weather. Ever. It triggers my psoriasis and my arthritis to flare. My skin dries out and my joints get stiff and sore. How stiff? Imagine lying in bed in the wee hours. The blanket has drifted away, and you want to pull it up to your chin so you can linger a few minutes before you drag yourself out of bed to start the day. There is a ten-pound cat sitting on top of that blanket. Can you get a good grip on that blanket and pull it a few inches until it reaches your chin? I can’t. Thank goodness for hot showers, or I’d never get my day started.

The next few days are forecast to be below freezing. Bah, humbug.

Despite the cold, I’ve still managed to get to my watercolor class, and I’ve been working on some practice pieces that I’ve posted to my art blog. Nothing fancy, but it’s keeping me busy.

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One thought on “SOS From The Ice Planet Hoth….

  1. dragonet2

    January 22, 2007 at 3:20am

    We had the ‘check tire pressure’

    light come on in the van, it finally got warm enough for me to venture out at lunch Friday to Quick Trip to check/fill tires. As luck would have it, the QT air machine (one at 119th near Lukas Liquor) was out of order. I said a bad word, went in, got hit the ATM and got a sandwich, went out to get back in the car, looked up and went “ooh, a Jiffy Lube!”

    They will check fluids/tires, etc. anything they check during a lube, between lube jobs. In and out in 2 minutes. Woot. (tires were only down a few pounds each, but it’s an electronic sensor and it is annoying).

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