Still breathing…

Where have the last two weeks gone?

The Work Life: The company I work for has a big honkin’ booth at Oracle OpenWorld, which starts Sunday. Let’s just say us marketing peeps have been busy. Really busy. This week alone, I’ve churned out several thousand words in the form of a client success story, a “we love Oracle, Oracle loves us” press release, and a product launch package consisting of a press release, product literature, and a web page. Next week: I start writing copy for a complete revision of the company’s website, which launches in mid-January. Scurry. Meanwhile, they just fixed a plumbing problem here in the office kitchen and the fumes from the deodorizer just might kill me. Ack.

The Art Life: Four new 9×12 paintings finished in the past two weeks. Three will be shown at the Contra art show this weekend. Nothing like a deadline to get a body moving, right? I’ll get them posted to my art blog later this weekend, and send ya’ll a link then.

Real Life: Spent last weekend in St. Louis, shopping but not finding. Will spend this weekend at Contra, and I need to make a few shopping stops while I’m on that side of town. Need to make time to see my sweetie, who’s also been working his own tush off the past couple of weeks. We switched our cable service from TimeWarner to Everest this week, so I’ve got to learn the new DVR interface. The old ReplayTV was failing to meet my performance expectations. I suspect it wasn’t playing nice with TimeWarner’s software, so I’m going to move it up to my office to see if it plays nice with basic cable.

The Cats: Note to self… Anything left unattended on a flat surface becomes fodder for Mischief’s gravity tests. She’s fascinated by gravity, despite the fact that Gravity Always Works. She keeps knocking things off of tables and counters, as if expecting a different result. Mischief also has this one-sided kneading technique — left paw only. Weird. Mayhem uses both paws, but he only kneads on blue fabric. I think they are both furry little aliens conducting anthropological studies on humans, and driving us crazy in the process. Go fig.


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