Where does the time go?

Here it is late June already. How did that happen? 

The Etsy event last week was a learning experience. (Translation: Slow. Really slow.) Yep. Hobby. Definitely a hobby. I did enjoy getting out there and setting stuff up, as well as the good company and assistance of

  during the evening. I’m not sure the craft fair thing is my cup of tea. I’m more the hang-it-and-run-away sort of person. 

In other news, my sweetie is home after visiting his kids for a couple of weeks. The Trouble Twins are beside themselves with joy. Now there are two laps in the house again — no waiting. 

As for me, it’s been a week of medical stuff, seeing doctors, getting new meds, dealing with side effects, and doing research. On the plus side, I got my Remicade infusion yesterday, so I’m feeling pretty good. Now, if I could just get my digestive system to behave…


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