A Week In The Life, Day 2

Another day in my terribly mundane and boring life. 

Day 2 9:46 am 
Day 2 9:46 am
Feeding time at the zoo. Yes, its the same kibble I fed you yesterday. 

Day 2 - 9:54 am
Day 2 – 9:54 am
Sleep-rumpled sweetie, with cat. Note the grandfather clock in the background. It will be important later. 

Day 2 - 10:21 am
Day 2 – 10:21 am
A little Sunday breakfast reading.

Day 2 - 6:03 pm
Day 2 – 6:03 pm
Still working on ConQuesT programming, but I think I’m just about done.

Day 2 - 6:04 pm
Day 2 – 6:04 pm
There’s always a kitty waiting outside my office door. That’s why the door is always closed. You’ve seen my office.

I’m not feeling well today, so I didn’t take many photos. Not pictured are my now-clean kitchen, my lazy self watching television, and my sweetie extracting Mischief from a forbidden perch atop the grandfather clock. 

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One thought on “A Week In The Life, Day 2

  1. petrini1

    April 28, 2008 at 9:34pm

    It doesn’t look mundane and boring. Being a great photographer really helps!

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  2. fireguarder

    April 29, 2008 at 2:50am

    Awww, how about a photo reinactment of the Grandfather Clock Extraction?

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