Back on the market again…

Well, it only took 3 months after the merger for the new management to purge me from the rolls. This afternoon at 4:30 they called me in, thanked me for playing, and showed me the door. Downsized. I knew it was inevitable. All the signs were there. They had not given me the tools, information, or support to do my job since the merger. Ah, well. This isn’t the first time someone has handed me a box and watched me pack it. They said I wasn’t the only change being made today…. I wonder who else got the axe?

So anyway, I’m looking for a new job in marketing communications and/or public relations in Kansas City. If you hear of anything, let me know….


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One thought on “Back on the market again…

  1. fireguarder

    October 4, 2005 at 2:47am

    So sorry to hear that! What a rotten deal!! I’ll keep an eye out, but most jobs I see are in Lawrence. Er, except for bookstores. Which don’t pay worth ****.

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