Crappy Weather, Cars, and Crack for Cats

I haven’t had much to say lately, except to complain about the weather and my car, or gush about my cats.

The weather: It’s been crappy. Looks like it’s getting better, with another crapitudiness episode to come later in the week.

The car: 1998 Saturn SL2 with 90,500 miles on it. ‘Nuff said? Still runs fine and gets about 25 mpg in the city, but I really don’t want to spend another winter in it. I’m currently entertaining recommendations for a small or mid-size sedan with heated seats, lumbar support, automatic transmission, low total cost of ownership, and excellent gas mileage. Must come in red.

The cats: Cute. Darn cute. And getting hefty. They both have tartar control issues, for which the vet recommended Feline Greenies. Let me be perfectly clear: this stuff is Crack for Cats, especially the Salmon flavor. Mayhem is addicted to his daily allotment, and throws a hissy fit if we are remiss in dispensing it.

Sadly, it’s not really helping their stinky breath problem. Now that they are 10 months old and 12 pounds each, it’s time to make the switch to adult cat food. This morning I added a few pieces of Science Diet Oral Care to their kitten kibble. The pieces are rather large so that the cats will crunch them, thus scraping the tartar from their wittle toofies.

Mayhem, true to form, pushed his sister Mischief out of the way and cherry-picked the new stuff out of both bowls. I think he likes it.


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One thought on “Crappy Weather, Cars, and Crack for Cats

  1. theresamather

    February 19, 2007 at 9:02pm


    Our weather took a crapitudiness turn today with several inches of snow falling in the last couple of hours. And we had just about gotten snow free!

    At least it isn’t biting cold this time. I assume you’re gonna get this same storm later on?


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      February 19, 2007 at 9:34pm

      Re: weather!

      Probably, but the forecast says we’ll have rain instead of snow. (Fingers crossed).

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  2. dragonet2

    February 20, 2007 at 2:32am

    But they’re so damn cute

    They deserve talking about.

    That said, I really ought to try Science Diet oral car on my two gals, now that we don’t have any old kids that have trouble eating it. On the other hand I might buy a cup or two off you, Angelina is allergic and it appears that Purina One Adult keeps the dandruff and itchies at a minimum.

    Sounds like they are getting things settled early. Aja cat tormented her little, year-younger brother Temme after she got over the ‘aw, cute, a kitten’ phase of his life. Then at about three years of age she beat up on him one day, a light went off in his head and he went, “yanno, I weigh 10 pounds more than you’ and beat the fark out of her. We didn’t realize he’d done it until she had an abscess on her neck, eeuw. They weren’t really nice to one another after that though in cold weather they’d work out a truce.

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      February 20, 2007 at 3:22am

      Re: But they’re so damn cute

      I’ll bring you a baggie of kibble when we do lunch. Email me. These two are still playing hard. I had to peel them apart Sunday. Mayhem was holding her down and biting her feet, and she was not amused. But she did give him a serious smackdown later, as payment. Ten minutes later, they were grooming each other’s head. Go fig.

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