Don’t Try To Phone (my) Home….

It has come to my attention that my home phone only works when it wants to. Apparently, we can call out and carry on lengthy conversations, but calling in is another matter. Sometimes it rings once and disconnects. Sometimes it gives the caller a “this number is no longer in service” message. Sometimes, it connects just fine. Go fig. Our communications provider says it’s not their equipment causing the problem, and that it must be something inside the house. Joy. We have a service call planned for next week.

Meanwhile, in other home-related news, our landlord has decided to paint the trim on the house. Happy Dance! It is a job that is way past due, and I suspect he’ll encounter a fair bit of wood rot. I hope he decides to repair it, rather than just cover it up. (I also wonder if he got a nudge from the city on this. He’s been planning to paint the trim for oh, about 7 years, and just never got around to it.)


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