Home again, home again…

I’m back from St. Louis. I swear the drive gets longer every time I go there. Perhaps this time it was because I did most of the driving in both directions so my poor Sweetie could nap.

I managed to shop my way through the weekend without buying anything wearable, except two buttons at the ArtMart: “I like poetry, long walks on the beach, and poking dead things with a stick.” and “Just Plain Evil without my coffee.” 

The latter is especially timely: I’ve been off the coffee for a couple of months now. I’m still mainlining caffeine in the form of iced tea, and it’s much easier for me to digest than coffee. But oh, how I miss it! Irish breakfast tea from Trader Joe’s, brewed strong, is only a marginal substitute. I think it’s retribution from

, because I gave her grief when she gave up coffee earlier this year. Pry the cup from my cold dead fingers, I said. Ah, she is an evil wench. ;P

I did stop at Trader Joe’s and stocked up on gluten-free pasta, oriental rice crackers, Irish breakfast tea and Three Buck Chuck wine. Again the checker teased me with the possibility that TJ’s might open a store here in KC, and even mentioned the Missouri side specifically because of the liquor laws…. This is an excellent rumor, considering last time I chatted with a checker about KC, they said corporate nixed the idea because of the liquor laws in Kansas…. perhaps my letter to the corporate office was actually read by someone who cares… 


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One thought on “Home again, home again…

  1. jimmy_hollaman

    July 14, 2008 at 3:35am

    i can truely understand the strong tea thought. i place a tea bag in to my cup (with out the string) and place the hot water in and let it set for a minute or 2. i then take and leave it in the cup as i drink it slowly. this makes the tea stronger for me, the way i kind of like it. i like coffee but tea is usually better for me. i don’t think i have ever been at a trader joes, but I have heard about them before they sound like a good place.

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  2. nkcmike

    July 14, 2008 at 12:19pm

    It’s amazing to me how many people think KC is in Kansas. I suppose it’s a logical assumption (Kansas City is the city in/of Kansas), but still it bugs me. I’ve told lots of people that when we say “Kansas City,” we mean Missouri. If we want to reference the city of the same name on the Kansas side, we specify the state.

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    • Author


      July 14, 2008 at 1:30pm

      KCMO, KCK — it’s all the same to everyone east of the Mississippi. (And west of Topeka, I suppose)

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