Feline Follies…

Late last night, (or technically, would that be early this morning?), Mayhem discovered my secret stash of kitty treats and catnip mousies. Yep, I’d been holding out on him. I plucked a few things out of the clearance bin last time I went to the pet store and was saving them later. (After all, cats don’t care if the mouse is Christmas colored, as long as it has catnip in it, right?)

Well, later apparently came last night at about 3 a.m. Mayhem brought me a bag of treats to open for him, as he had been unsuccessful in chewing the package open by himself. I took them away. No treats for you, bad kitty!

A few minutes later, he brought me a catnip mousie, still attached to its cardboard packaging. I took it away. No catnip for you, bad kitty!

A few minutes later, I hear the jingle of bells coming from downstairs. He had harvested a furry octopus toy for Mischief, who sprawled on the carpet at the foot of the stairs, blissfully happy to have a new toy, even if it was still in cardboard bondage.


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