Hi! Did you miss me?

Still breathin’… not walking very daintily at the moment, but definitely still breathing. (With a little care and an extra daily dose of anti-inflammatories, my tendons will calm down fairly soon.)

I haven’t forgotten ya’ll. I still lurk and read your posts. I’ve just been spending more time on Facebook with a fairly tightly controlled friends list. I’ve also been using the old pen-and-paper method of journaling. (Some things never really go out of style.)

I’m currently finishing up a 9-month contract at the Big Yellow Telecom that has been consuming most of my computer-facing time and attention. I’ll be seeking new opportunities as of mid-October. If you know of any openings for a writer who can handle web content management, technical writing, and/or marketing materials, please let me know.

Meanwhile, I’m also preparing to display art at Archon St. Louis (Oct 1-3), the KaCSFFS Writer’s Workshop at the Writer’s Place (Oct. 9) and the Longview Literary Festival (Oct. 15/16 – tentative – I’ll be there; still trying to determine if I can get a table to display the art).

Otherwise, my autumn will be spent much like it was last year — in sweatpants and t-shirts when I’m not meeting with potential employers. Since it’s also high time we started some long-planned renovations on the house, I’ll probably be project-managing that this fall. (At the very least, I’ll be purging some clutter. Isn’t it amazing how much clutter accumulates when you’ve been in the same place for 10 years?)

Facebook, Twitter, Blogger — I’ve been working on some projects for KaCSFFS (Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society) and the ConQuesT SF con. KaCSFFS now has an activities blog (http://kacsffs.blogspot.com/) and ConQuesT now has a Twitter feed (@conquestkc). I’m also working on a social media strategy for ConQuesT, and I did a little social media pimpage for Yard Dog Press using while they were at #DragonCon and #FenCon. I expect to do the same while at Archon. Next up, I’ll get some other web-related obligations taken care of.

Another fun thing I did during my "time away" was attend the National Federation of Press Women (nfpw.org) Communication Conference. This year it was held in Chicago, and our wonderful conference committee made it possible for us to stay at the ritzy Union League Club of Chicago. Very nice, emphasis on "very". They had a wonderful agenda of top-notch speakers. The social media workshops were excellent! I also got to see my two goddess-girlfriends, Cathy and Paula. We haven’t all three been to the conference together since 2003. (And for those who know these things, this is why the weather in Chicago was PERFECT that weekend!) I also got to spend some time with Cynthia Price, NFPW president and fellow Facebook addict. 

So there you have it. Working. Lurking. Making art. That about sums up the summer! Now, on to Fall!

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One thought on “Hi! Did you miss me?

  1. dragonet2

    September 22, 2010 at 2:16am

    Go you

    We escorted a bunch of donate-ables out to the minivan this evening and Roh will be dropping them off at goodwill.

    We are having houseguest (!!!!!) in two weeks and I hit the panic button over the weekend, demanding that I need help with cleaning and sorting stuff. Because, despite the fact I am working full time as much as Dr. P and Roh, I’m still doing 70% of the routine housework.

    And I sent out a specific “this place needs x, y and z.” AND once we get most of the clutter cleaned up, I’m going around with a paint scraper, floor cleaner, a teflon scrubber, etc. to find and destroy all cat indescrations that may have been overlooked.AAARRRRRGGGGGH

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