Ho, Ho, Ho…

As most of you know, Yard Dog Press has published some of my art and my writing. And, as most of you know, the Yard Doggies are a great bunch of talented folks who write downright entertaining stories. It’s Christmas, folks, and I want you to Buy My Book(s) (and those of my fellow Yard Doggies) for those special readers in your life.

And if you plan to buy a Yard Dog Press book, I’d encourage you to buy direct from Yard Dog Press online. Why? Because they’re good people, and they’ll treat you right, that’s why.

So, buy my books (and any others that catch your eye while you’re browsing their online catalog):

  • Houston: We’ve Got Bubbas! Edited by Selina Rosen, with stories from twenty-nine delightfully twisted minds (including me!), and a cover by Keith Berdak. This is the fourth Bubbas anthology, and if you ain’t read the first three, well, you should buy them too! Houston is $16 plus shipping direct from Yard Dog Press.
  • Flush Fiction Edited by Selina Rosen with cover art by Sherri Dean aka conbarbie. One of my short stories lives here. Try it. You’ll like it. Flush Fiction is $10 plus shipping direct from Yard Dog Press.
  • Diva a novella by St. Louis author Mark Tiedemann, with a cover by me(!) featuring conbarbie. Diva is $5 plus shipping direct from Yard Dog Press.
  • And Don’t Forget: Tick Hill by Billy Eakin. You should totally buy this one, too, not just because I did the cover, but because it’s a darn good time. But don’t just take my word for it: The Denver Post said, “Billy Eakin’s rollicking B-movie gross-out tale of killer insects is a lot of fun. … Tick Hill is grotesque and raunchy in the best meaning of those words.”

Don’t forget — order direct from Yard Dog rather than Amazon — ‘cuz it’s the right thing to do.


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