I found it!

At last, I have found my new interview outfit. After searching for weeks for wool skirt suit in a nice dark conservative style and color, I’ve finally found something I can feel good about wearing to an interview. It’s a charcoal gray three-season wool, with a longer skirt and a pair of trousers, too. I paid a little more than I had hoped, but it’s exactly the kind of style and fabric I can feel confident in. I also bought two new silk blouses while I was at it. Tomorrow, I return the two close-but-not-quite-right outfits I bought during my quest.

I used to work in a corporate environment where suits were the only acceptable attire. I grew to love suits. And I wore GOOD suits. Wool. Linen. Silk. Jones New York. Evan Picone. Ellen Tracy. With silk blouses and low-heeled pumps. Suits made me feel good. I was most comfortable in a suit, so much so that when I moved into a casual work environment, I still wore blazers and structured sweaters along with my khakis and casual dresses. But I haven’t worn a suit to work since June 1998. And I miss it.

I’m ready to wear my new suit. Now, if someone would just call and offer me an interview….


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