Ice Planet Hoth, Day 87…

We’re still in the deep freeze, and I’m still convinced we’ll never ever thaw. The 10-day forecast looks bleak. And cold. Very very cold. And the stock market doesn’t look so good, either.


Now that I’ve owned it for a year, I’ve finally pointed my domain to my Etsy shop.

I’ve started taking a second yoga class every week. This is a big step for me, but it should do me some good.

I’m still majorly behind in answering my email.

The cats are still cute.


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One thought on “Ice Planet Hoth, Day 87…

  1. lazscott

    January 21, 2008 at 4:08am

    Good news about the last

    My cats–my son’s cats (he, at age four, claimed ownership)–are still cute, too. This gives me a sense of hope.

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  2. dragonet2

    January 21, 2008 at 4:37am

    this morning

    we had turn-around, I heard a cat-attack thundering up the stairs, then Siegfried pops into my room, rounds the foot of the bed and dashes under for protection. BADB CATHA was hot on his heels, and when she got him trapped, she kind of want ‘ta da!’

    then again while I was fixing dinner, I swear he fell down the last couple of steps… I could hear him rumbling down the steps, then an amazing ker-thump-ker-thump wham! which I could feel took place on the first floor’s floor.

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