Where does the time go? …

Wow. The first week of 2008 has zipped past in a flash. I never got around to writing up my 2007 year in review, my 2008 resolutions, or the lame “sorry I haven’t kept in touch” email I send every year to old acquaintances to see if their email addresses are still active. I owe a long email to my cousin H., and several short emails to other friends. I haven’t called my mom this week. Unfinished projects are piling up at work. And the Christmas tree is still standing and still (mostly) decorated.

Oh well. Welcome to my life. Among the annoying aspects of having psoriatric arthritis (apart from the chronic joint pain and dry, itchy skin) is that I am often totally drained of energy by mid-afternoon. That means nothing much gets accomplished when I get home from work.

So, to recap the holidays…

I took the rest of my “use-it-or-lose-it” personal time off from work — about 11 days total between 12/21/07 and 1/2/08. I slept late, drank too much coffee, and hung out with my Sweetie and his teenagers. Did a fair bit of painting and posted several of small paintings to my Etsy store.

My Sweetie gifted me with a new coffeemaker and George RR Martin’s Dreamsongs: Volume 1. I gifted him with the Firefly DVD boxed set and the collector’s edition of Serenity. We pooled the cash gifted to us by various parents and upgraded to a George Foreman grill with interchangeable plates.

On the morning of New Years Eve, I squeezed one more infusion for my arthritis into the 2007 calendar year and got a cortisone shot into the toe that’s been keeping me hobbled. And, as expected, I picked up whatever cold virus was floating around shortly thereafter. Blech. So, now my throat is scratchy, but at least I can walk without a limp for awhile.

We spent this past weekend in St. Louis. I did a fair bit of snoozing and shopping. We had dinner with Mark Tiedemann and his lovely sweetie, which always makes for good conversation.

Now, it’s back to work, and my never-ending to-do list at home.


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One thought on “Where does the time go? …

  1. ehs347

    January 14, 2008 at 9:04pm

    Me too!

    Ditto. All of it. 2007 – where did it go? I drifted right through Christmas, New Years and my birthday without taking much notice because life is just too damn busy. And you MUST make waffles with the George Foreman. Mom gave me one and it makes the most delicious waffles.

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