Mischief’s New Toy

Mischief’s New Toy
Originally uploaded by AllisonStein

Mischief has been tormenting my Sweetie’s daughter this week by stealing her fluffy pink pen and dragging it about the house. Repeatedly. Alas, Sweetie’s daughter leaves tomorrow and will take Mischief’s cherished fluffy pink pen with her. So what does a good pet mommy do? I searched the world over (well, one shopping center of it, anyway) in search of a fuzzy pink replacement. I found it! And Mischief luvers it. Well, the fuzzy pink part, at least.

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One thought on “Mischief’s New Toy

  1. kalimeg

    December 31, 2007 at 7:29am

    Once she eats it or makes it so ragged you can’t stand it, you can likely get a piece of fuzzy pink maribou from a fabric shop.

    She’s a pretty cat, and that picture makes her eyes look unreal, especially against the pink.

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